4 Double Standards

Ever feel like you have to do a little more to modify your appearance or act a certain way or else face criticism? Well, you’re WRONG. Just kidding, you’re right. Here are some double standards in which society would like stay fully-enforced. 1. Wearing makeup.  As a girl, most people (even women) view you as […]

Society’s pressure on boys.

http://www.upworthy.com/theres-something-absolutely-wrong-with-what-we-do-to-boys-before-they-grow-into-men?c=gt1 This is a bit unrelated, but I think it’s important. Have you ever wondered why you’re allowed to venture out of your gender rolls, but boys aren’t? Have you ever wondered why it’s okay for you to cry, but not your male classmates? Or maybe when you were a kid you were allowed to […]

Mila Kunis

Celebrities can sometimes make girls feel inferior. Magazines and movies sell unrealistic standards to young girls using famous people like Mila Kunis. So here’s a photo of her without makeup, looking her worst (as we all sometimes do). This is not meant to put her down, just to show you all that celebrities are people […]