More Feminist Facebook Problems

Today, I was browsing through one of my favorite pages on facebook, and came across a picture of a young female welder with a sign that read, “We need feminism because ‘who hired a stripper’ shouldn’t be the first thing said when I go to my welding job.”

Obviously, this post was flooded with comments, from both the anti-feminists and women who believe the definition of “equality” is “all men are sexist and women should have dominion over them.”

Normally, I skim through these comments and try my best to ignore the trolls. However, I somehow stumbled upon a comment that really stirred up the passionate feminist in me. It said, “Okay, so if we’re all equal, then can I punch my girlfriend if she says something really offensive, like I would with my guy friends?”

Here we go.

I cannot argue the fact that many women are smaller and therefore physically weaker than men, so I understand that physically, we are not equal. However, the ability to use brute force should have nothing to do with how certain people are treated in society. The fact that this guy used domestic abuse as an anti-feminist argument is exactly what I would expect from a stupid person.

The problem is that this is the third or fourth time I’ve heard this, and not just on the internet. I have been unpleasantly surprised to hear this come from one or more people that I have/had a close relationship with.

Here’s my solution: don’t hit your girlfriend. Don’t hit your male friends.

Don’t use violence for anything other than self-defense or the defense of another.

Really, people? How is that a difficult concept?


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