First Hate Mail? Awesome.

I was checking my email today and you wouldn’t believe what I found. Looks like I have a fan:

“Hi, I noticed the link to your blog via vampirefreaks and I just want to say I think your views are ridiculous. Whats all this “society wants you to hate yourself” shit? Is it societies fault that beautiful women exist and they’re the ones we use in advertisement? Models are models because they’re attractive. It’s not the supermodels faults that they’re hot and it’s not men’s fault for thinking they’re hot. Your probably some fat lesbian or otherwise just ugly and mad about it. Hot is hot. Get over it. “

Okay, so I’m going to begin by pointing out that your email contains some grammatical errors. “Your” should be “you’re” and “societies” needs to be “society’s”.

Now that we have that covered, you are an idiot. It’s not arguable that cosmetic companies constantly target young girls and attempt to sell them products to correct their “flaws” by making them despise themselves, and that clothing lines and other companies like Playboy feature heavily edited pictures of a small percentage of hand-selected women (many of them who have had plastic surgery) representing what girls should aim to be, which is nothing more than a sex symbol. Attractive is subjective, but we as a society have made it objective for the sake of making money. It’s people like you who destroy my hope for humanity.

Oh, and to be clear, I am neither a “fat lesbian” (which by the way is an extremely hateful term), nor am I “ugly” or “mad” about my personal appearance whatsoever.

Here, I’ll prove it:


Anything else to say, SLANDERER?


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